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Ceridian Dayforce Consulting

If your organization uses Ceridian Dayforce, you probably know how powerful the Dayforce HCM system can be and have a good appreciation for the Ceridian Dayforce resources who worked hard to get you up and running.

But there may be some areas where you could use a little extra Dayforce support for your own team with an internal, client-side Dayforce resource.

That’s where we come in. Pendylum’s Dayforce expertise runs deep: over the past decade, we’ve built a team of Dayforce consultants who’ve been trained directly by Ceridian on the Dayforce application. These professional Ceridian Dayforce Consultants bring years of expertise to your project and provide top-notch customer service and exceptional support to your organization.

Pendylum consultants help clients across Canada and the USA save time and money by streamlining their Dayforce implementation and ensuring all their Dayforce modules are working as promised and as required, from HR to Benefits to WFM to Payroll, and even get Dayforce ‘talking’ to your related third-party systems.

From a little bit of Implementation Support to full Managed Payroll Services, we’ve got you covered. Browse our services below and let us help you, too!

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CBA Pay Rule Automation

Our management consulting team is here for you. We help you break down the most intricate of business processes into manageable components and assist you in making them into a reality – bringing you more value as a result.

Whether you’re a client or a vendor, need help for the short- or long-term, we can provide Project Managers, Functional/Technical Implementation Analysts, and Testers, who are at the top of their game.

We can help you fill any role, whether you need a whole team of experts or just one specialist to help you complete a project more effectively.

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