Pendylum’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS) accommodates the on-boarding of new employees and enables the paperless management of all employee demographic and job-related data:

  • Personal information, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Benefits: plans, coverage levels, contribution, beneficiaries/dependants
  • Union information/grievances/disciplinary action
  • Licenses/Certification, Skills, Courses, Awards, Education
  • Current/historical salary, position information, etc.
  • Key dates: Start, Seniority, Review, Increase, Performance Appraisals, etc

With easy import/export functionality, it can become your system of record to store all key data and share it with other systems, such as ERP, Payroll and General Ledger applications.

Benefits of the Pendylum HRIS:

  • Free up your HR and Payroll Administrators’ valuable time by reducing repetitive or mundane tasks
  • Empower employees and save time with Employee Self Service: employees can securely access specific company-defined data fields to view only and/or also maintain their own personal information such as telephone number, address and emergency contact.
  • Automate the management of benefits programs and synchronize electronically with carriers
  • Generate comprehensive reports as needed through standard and custom reporting
  • Post future-dated events such as position or rate changes to take effect when they become current
  • Trigger updating of certain date fields based on specific events (e.g. entering a Hire Date can trigger a Probation End Date of 90 days, and a Next Review Date of 1 year, etc.)
  • “Onboarding Wizard” to improve workflow and ensure critical data is entered per company requirements
  • Exchange data with third-party payroll systems and benefits providers for improved accuracy

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