Harnessing the power of the Rules Engine, Pendylum’s Statutory Holiday module automates the calculation of stat holiday entitlement and pay for employees located across Canada.

A proven system, it can be interfaced directly to third-party payroll software or service providers for a seamless transfer of data between the applications.

  • Ensure compliance to mandates of CBA’s, legislation and company policies
  • Confirm eligibility of each employee based on actual work history
  • Automate calculation for accurate payments 

Benefits of the Pendylum Stat Holiday Calculator

  • Save time and money by eliminating manual processes and errors
  • Operate on a single point of data entry
  • Ensure compliance and maintain consistency and accuracy throughout the organization
  • Reduce grievances and challenges from employees and unions
  • Easily resolve budgeting issues and provide audit reports
  • Reduce payroll costs by eliminating overpayments and manual processes

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