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Pendylum’s powerful Rules Engine and gross-to-net Payroll Processing Engine help large organizations to automate complex rules regarding Statutory Holiday Eligibility, Entitlements, Pay Scale Automation and Scheduling, and to generate accurate and timely payroll calculations. We’d like to help you, too!

Rules Engine

If you’re spending too much time on manual calculations to accommodate complex pay rules, Pendylum has the solution: our Rules Engine. Built to accommodate and apply even the most complex Payroll calculations and rules imposed by legislation, collective bargaining agreements (CBA’s), and company policies, our business Rules Engine can be ‘bolted’ on to your legacy software to protect your investment and extend its functionality.

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Payroll Processing Engine

Starting with its intuitive interface, our Payroll Processing Engine was built with our customers in mind. It allows users to effectively and efficiently manage their companies’ complete payroll process, including Direct Deposits and Tax Filing!

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Stat Holiday Calculation

Harnessing the power of the Payroll Rules Engine, Pendylum’s Statutory Holiday module automates the calculation of stat holiday entitlement and pay for employees located across Canada.

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Throw out the spreadsheets and sticky notes! Pendylum’s Entitlements module lets you automate the accrual and management of sick, vacation, lieu, personal and other exception time categories for both hourly and salaried employees.

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Integration Services

The Pendylum team brings a wealth of knowledge from years of working with a variety of applications in industries and locations around the globe. From Project Managers to Functional/Technical Implementation Analysts, Pendylum consultants have experience and certification with world-class HCM systems such as Oracle, PeopleSoft and Dayforce.

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Human Resources Information System

Pendylum’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS) accommodates the on-boarding of new employees and enables the paperless management of all employee data, benefits programs, union information and grievances, and more.

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