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Pendylum helps organizations in Canada and the US with their
Ceridian Dayforce, ServiceNow, and other leading software applications
save time and money by providing expert consultants who can
streamline implementations, configure all modules, and ensure
seamless interfaces as needed. Let us help you too!

Using Ceridian Dayforce, or planning to? Then you know how powerful it can be! If there are areas where you could use a little extra help from client-side resources to complement the efforts of your internal resources and the Ceridian project team, you’ve come to the right place! Pendylum‘s Dayforce expertise runs deep: over the past decade, we’ve compiled a team of highly skilled, Ceridian-trained Dayforce consultants. These professionals bring their years of HCM expertise to your Dayforce project and provide top-notch customer service and exceptional support to your organization!

Looking to automate you business processes with ServiceNow?  Pendylum’s ServiceNow Consultants can help you create the exact workflows you need to digitize and simplify your daily business operations. Every businesses is unique, and Pendylum’s team of ServiceNow consulting experts will help you design and customize your ServiceNow solution to get the specific functionality you need, with services such as documentation of your technical requirements, configuration, integration,  scripting, and software development. Maximize your ServiceNow system with the Pendylum ServiceNow team!

Oracle Cloud HCM packs a big punch, with innovative features and functionality to help you grow your business quickly. Combine the power of Oracle with Pendylum’s Oracle Cloud HCM Consulting Services, and you’re sure to reap the benefits of your Oracle solution in no time. Our Oracle experts become part of your in-house team for the duration of the project, filling vital roles to complement your own staff. Put our years of Oracle systems knowledge and expertise to work, and harness the power of Oracle for your organization!

Benefits of choosing Pendylum consultants:

  • Full suite of professional services for your project’s success:
    solution design, business process review/re-engineering, configuration, development, implementation, systems integration, reporting, system administration, and change management

  • Renowned as experts in the creation of custom interfaces and connectors to make sure your systems ‘talk’ to each other with seamless data flow

  • 20+ years of experience and proven methodologies in the implementation and configuration of technologies to help streamline operations and workflow

  • Fill your entire team with role-appropriate analysts to complete your project from start to finish, or fill only a single role: the choice is yours

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Taking Action to Deliver Decisive Results For Your Business

Our Management Consulting team is here for you. We help you break down the most intricate of business processes into manageable components and assist you in making your goals a reality – bringing you more value as a result.

Whether you’re:

  • a client or a solution provider/vendor;
  • looking for a whole team of experts or just one specialist;
  • in need of help for the short- or long-term,

we can help you fill any role – Project Managers, Functional and/or Technical Implementation Analysts, Testers, and other key positions – with resources who are at the top of their game to help you complete your project more effectively.

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