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Make manual calculations a thing of the past

Pay Rules by Pendylum

Eliminate manual calculations for complex pay rules with our unique stand-alone payroll solution that saves you time and money.

Attach it to your current legacy software or use it on its own to solve all your pay rules problems in no time.

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Discover the Future of Pay Rules Engine Automation

  • Statutory Holiday Eligibility
  • Entitlements
  • Pay Scale Progression/Step and Wage Increases

  • Advanced Employee Scheduling

  • And many more tasks that take precious time to manually key in

Save yourself time: make manual calculations a thing of the past. Separate business logic from your applications and processes with our powerful rules engine software. Never waste valuable administrator resources on complex pay rule calculations again with our proprietary Pay Rules Engine.

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The Ultimate Pay Rules Engine is Here

Our software lets you accommodate and apply even the most complex payroll calculations, rules imposed by regulation, collective bargaining agreement requirements, and company policies with ease.

With a modular architecture that you can’t find anywhere else, we make sure that you never lose your previous software investment. Bolt our business rules engine onto your third-party legacy HR or Payroll software applications to handle complex pay rules rather than replacing them, or use the Pay Rules Engine on its own. The choice is yours.

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Harness the power of the Pay Rules Engine for all your time-consuming and error prone Payroll-related tasks.

Statutory Holiday Pay:

With Pendylum’s proven system, connect the Pay Rules Engine directly to third-party payroll software for the seamless transfer of data between the applications.

  • Ensure compliance with any jurisdiction’s legislation, mandated rules of CBAs, and all company policies
  • Confirm eligibility of each employee based on actual work history
  • Automate the calculation of entitlements for 100% accurate payments, each and every time
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual processes and errors
  • Operates on a single point of data entry for easy integration
  • Ensure compliance and maintain consistency and accuracy throughout the organization
  • Reduce grievances and challenges from employees and unions
  • Easily manage budgets and produce audit reports
  • Reduce labour costs by eliminating overpayments and manual processes

Entitlements/Exception Time

Throw out the spreadsheets and sticky notes! Let Pendylum’s Pay Rules Engine automate the accrual and management of sick, vacation, lieu, personal and other Exception Time categories for both hourly and salaried employees.

  • Take out the guesswork, free up valuable time of your HR staff, and improve the accuracy of your payroll and HR data
  • Automatically credit all accrual balances as they accumulate according to calculations per pre-defined company policies and collective bargaining agreement (CBA) rule; automatically deduct from those balances when the time in each category is used or paid out.
  • Establish maximum balances allowed for carryover from year to year for each Entitlement
  • Optionally, configure the system to automatically ‘borrow’ time from another Entitlement when the balance in the requested category has been depleted
  • Review balances before responding to vacation requests; with Employee Self Service functionality, employees may also be given access to view this information
  • Consult balances to maximize labour dollars by scheduling staff with the least overtime balance
  • Generate reports for use during employee reviews

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