Automating your CBA and state pay rules is the sure way to go to ensure you remain compliant. The technology world has evolved from an era where pay rules management were done manually to a period where high-end automation software is used to carry out complex calculations such as now required under CBA and state pay rules.

Benefits of using an automated CBA and states pay rule software

We shall highlight the benefits of using an automated system for carrying out employee payments, no matter how complex the rules may be. The benefits are enormous and should be considered if you hope to have a hassle-free and accurate payment process. The following are benefits of using an automated CBA and states pay rule system:

It is highly accurate

An automated CBA and states pay rule system is designed to be highly accurate. Carrying out calculations by hand increases the chances of making errors that may not reflect well on your company as an employer. It is, therefore, important to use a system that is programmed to work with high efficiency and optimization. There is no room for errors, and you’ll get the exact results you expect based on the inputs provided.

It takes away the stress that comes with manual calculations

Most CBA and states pay rules are quite complex, and it may require a lot of complex calculations, which may be quite stressful, not to mention time-consuming. With an automated pay rule software, you save yourself the hassle of running complex calculations manually: all that is required of you is to provide the rules and other key input variables and let the software do the calculation. It is stress-free and highly accurate in handling complex calculations no matter what the rules are.

It is a stand-alone and unique application

With automated pay rules software, you can easily attach the pay rule engine to any legacy third party systems, which allows you to work more efficiently,y with quicker implementation time, and without losing your investment in your other software. An automated pay rules application is a unique application that provides accurate calculations for highly complex payment rules and lets you be in control of your processes.

It saves money, energy and time

This unique automated pay rule engine saves you time and energy, enabling you to carry out other tasks while the software does the rest. You also save money by using this affordable software because it gives you time to complete other tasks that can result in generating revenue for your company or business.

Tasks that you can perform with our automated pay rule engine

  • Calculate overtime pay in compliance with federal and state/provincial laws, collective bargaining agreement requirements and company polices
  • Employee entitlement pay
  • Wage and step increases as well as pay scale progression
  • Advanced scheduling of employees
  • Determine eligibility and payment for statutory holidays
  • Accommodation of all pay rules no matter how complex

With our unique pay rule engine, everything is fully automated. Whatever the rules are – be they employee entitlement, advanced scheduling for employees, pay scale progression, eligibility for statutory holiday, etc. – we’ve got you covered.