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How Managed Payroll Services Can Grow Your Business

To stay profitable, you need to streamline business functions as much as possible. This includes outsourcing the responsibilities that don’t generate revenue or add value to your core business offerings. Payroll is a great example. According to FundSquire®, for every 25 employees, you’re spending over 100 hours every year managing their payroll. If you’re a [...]


Ceridian Dayforce HCM Consulting

What is Ceridian Dayforce? Ceridian is an international Human Capital Management (HCM) software company, and Dayforce is its flagship human capital management platform. This powerful platform provides modules for human resources, benefits, payroll and workforce management, as well as talent management components like recruiting, applicant tracking and onboarding in a single solution. How can Pendylum [...]


2020 Pay Rules Automation

Advanced technology has thankfully brought about an easier and faster way of preparing your employees' payroll. Gone are the days when an employer or Payroll/HR personnel had to spend countless hours calculating the amount owed to each employee after taking several factors into consideration, including state laws, overtime rules, entitlements, and more. It is now [...]

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